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Power School Records

VUSD Learning Management System

Go Guardian -Chromebook monitoring system

VUSD Report Cards

District e-mail login

(change password click HERE)
(How to page: HERE)

Communicate safely with students and parents using text or e-mail blasts 


Classroom student portfolio / parent connection app

VUSD Smart Subs Online sign in page

Service Ticket System
For all school related requests

District Printing Services

Online assessment made easy and fun

Make your PDF files interactive and use with Schoology / Google Classroom

Teacher web site link to create asignments for the students

Reading and Math Assessments

Online Reader for Students

--Science Lessons

--Questions asked by kids answered in short videos

Teacher login pages

Leveled stories and comprehension questions that can be assigned to the class.

Select grade level, skill focus and other options to get several reading passages to choose from that will help with student comprehension

Check Reading Levels of Students

Classroom Interactive Quiz -with results over time

Classroom interactive math quizzing - class competes for points over multiple rounds

Kahoot style game with a competative twist

Classroom interactive quizzing

Interactive game to play with your class.. Various topics to choose from

Video discussion platform. Record your response to a question and respnd to others

Houghton Mifflin

ConnectEd / McGraw Hill
WONDERS (Language Arts)
IMPACT (Social Studies)
INSPIRE (Science)

Another interactive quiz game

Video lessons for students

District SST process online

Houghton Mifflin math

District supply order site
(Can only access this link through district network)

Mindset math - videos and lessons

STAR Reading / Math assessments
-Renaissance Place


Get bodies moving or just sit and do a relaxing activity


Flashcard quizzes to practice classroom subjects

Vocabulary practice / Google Slides addition
 News ELA

Current events stories for students to read and take a quiz on.  Geared for each grade level.

Learning videos for all parts of the curriculum

Thought-provoking problems for math

Thought provoking math questions

Balance the equation to solve

SPLAT! Hidden math problems

Esti-Mysteries -Number sense resources

Class Creator -Setting up the class for new school year

Polling question site

Enter to take the poll

Online way to sign up for events

Math choice events to choose from
(3rd-5th grade)

Word Generator for Pictionary style games

Plickers Classroom Quiz App site

Math practice -Videos and lessons

Drop Box Files Online

Classroom interactive check for understanding

Video Conferencing platform

Make BINGO games (1 game a day)

Create Interactive-Online Games

Leveled math and language arts practice

Easy created assessments

Whiteboards to use with your class while on distance learning

Donate to a Classroom Project

Donate to a Classroom Project

Teaching Resources for all Grades

Sign in for Testing setup

QR Code Creator

Math Practice for Students

Teacher Login for district staff pages
Engage New York Math

SMART BOARD Base Ten Blocks

Creative Design Programs

Adobe Lesson Plans For Classroom

Writing and Grammar Skills
Learnzillion Lessons Interactive Cuisenaire Rods GO Math Interactive tools GO Math Number lines GO Math Base Ten Blocks
Georgia Common Core Math        

Please e-mail me if you have any sites that I should add to my collection.

K5 Learning 

Reading and Math Worksheets for K-5
  Reading, writing and grammar worksheets for the classroom

Reading comprehension resources for the classroom. Reading topics that span other areas such as social studies, science and math.
Common Core Spelling

Common Core Standards and spelling.  Lists for K-5th and activities to go along with them.
  Common Core Sheets

Worksheets to print that follow the Common Core Standards.  Free and for all subjects

Find the Lexile level for reading books

  Teacher Tube

Videos for classroom use
Super Teacher Worksheets

Printable worksheets for teachers.  All areas and all grade levels.  LOTS of great useable printouts.  ---NOW REQUIRES A MEMBERSHIP
  Super Teacher Ideas

Need some ideas for good lessons that other teachers have tried.  Check out the HUGE list of lesson ideas to teach all areas of the curriculum.
Math Aids Worksheets

Math resources for teachers, parents, and students that are randomly created.  Covers many areas and grade levels ... AND it's FREE!!!
  Worksheet Place

Worksheets for teachers.  Over 2000 worksheets in all areas of the curriculum and grade levels.
Worksheet Works

Print out lots of helpful worksheets to use in the classroom. This website is still under construction but has many possibilities in the future.
  Math Drills

Lots of math fact pages that can be printed and used in the classroom
TLS Books -Worksheets

Free worksheets to print.  Listed by grade level and subject.

Another site for free worksheets.  All areas and grade levels.  Easy to search by grade levels

Create rubrics with information already supplied.  You can choose information you want included.
  Internet 4 Classrooms

Language Arts Assessment Resources

The web's little secret for elementary school teachers.  Lessons, ideas and tips
  Ed Helper . com

Theme units, lesson plans, worksheets & teacher tools.
E-Pals . com

Get beyond the four walls of your classroom. Communicate with another class from around the corner or around the world.
  TeachNet . com

Lessons for all areas of the curriculum.
The Educators Reference Desk

Search a database full of lessons plans on all areas of the curriculum.
  Teacher's Net

Various teacher resources
Lesson plans by teachers for teachers

Lesson plans for many subjects for all grade levels K-12th.  Share your lesson plans as well.
  ABC Teach

All kinds of resources for teachers.  Includes a certificate and timeline generator plus many very useful forms for everyday use in the classroom.
Easy Teacher Worksheets

Easy to print free worksheets
  Dad's Worksheets - Math pages

Many practice pages for different types of math practice
Enchanted Learning

A site full of links to all kinds of information on a variety of subjects.

Literature lessons for different areas of the curriculum

Videos for the classroom
Visalia's grade level resources for teachers
VUSD resource page for grades K-6.  Sites that correlate to Visalia's Essential Standards
  Carl's Corner
Retired teacher from Santee shares lots of resources to help teach language arts
4th Grade TOSA website (VUSD)
4th Grade curriculum resources


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